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  rct is a professional employed hunting service agency, established in july 1999.our company was built by a group of personnel selection, evaluation, hunting employ experts with their devoted efforts and wisdom to provide targeted talent excavating and global search service professionally. rct is one of the most outstanding head-hunting companies for the moment in china who have the most powerful targeted poaching agency. we has been recognized by many customers and become their long-term partner. in accordance with standard operating procedures, following the service guidelines of aesc, actualizing the full distance headhunting project managements system based on the concept of crm, rct is dedicated to providing rigorous and efficient service and provide the most appropriate talents to the most appropriate enterprise at the most appropriate opportunity. the services guidelines of aesc mainly include: "aesc professional and moral standards", "aesc standardized operating procedures", "aesc candidate evaluation and background investigation procedures", "aesc candidate's interests and the client company full control and final selection rights ", etc.

  recruitment is paid more and more attention by all kinds of enterprise nowadays. with the increasing of invest and cost on recruitment, the recruitment channels and ways are innovated continuous and became multicultural. but the result often can not be satisfactory. many companies are lack of standardized human resource management system and internal good development environment. these can make a company has difficulties to keep and make better use of talents and thus will cause a great loss to the enterprise. to solve this problem, rct thinks we need to do three following main parties: firstly, enterprise should rely on the abundant human resources and excellent hunters to find the much-needed talents; secondly, application of scientific testing measures, pertinent training steps and sound employment system, make good talents available; finally, design a pay system which not only fair and competitive, but also consider the cost of the enterprise, to create a good corporate culture and the employment environment and the establishment of a series of supporting systems, to retain the talents to stay.

  rct wants to help all kinds of enterprises to get rid of the reality of human resources dilemma with unremitting efforts in order to help enterprises find talents, use talents and redeem talents. we have a special visting channels that have helped such as toyota, dupont, siemens, panasonic, hp, bosch, china petroleum, china post, foxconn, haier, vanke, mengniu, holley, hongda new material and many other well-known companies to find the ideal people to become their strategic partner.  we have an excellent service team, a number of executive search consultants possess high academic qualifications and extensive experience who have both solid theoretical foundation and abundant practical experience, engage in hunting selection, evaluation, training talents. we have a comprehensive follow-up services, to provide induction training and life counseling, pay level survey and salary system the brain drain prevention and control system design and construction corporate culture and create employment and improve so as to help an enterprise make the best use of talents with lowest cost, and then solve the enterprise’s problem of talents recruit, using and wastage drastically.

  in order to make a better service for customers all over the country, rct has set up six regional divisions in beijing,shanghai,guangzhou,hangzhou,fuzhou,and wuhan successively and set up many headhunting groups in 72 big or medium-sized cities in china. in the near future we will set up an office in north america. we have a hundred-member team of professional consultants, ten thousand people and hundreds of thousands of top senior talents reserve, all regions and industry leading business management and technical personnel lists, an extensive meshwork consists of hundreds of part-time hunters and liaison, and an ubiquitous information team. we have a spirit of enterprise of a thousand words, thousands of miles, do everything possible painstakingly: do everything just to merit your trust. we expect more enterprises and talents can get help from us. so, we can get a good reputation and keep the lead in headhunting industry. we believe we can realize our corporate vision through our efforts: to be a world-class human resources service provider. therefore, rct has established following initial objective: lead the running among chinese market and become the top three industry with actual results, team size, market share and customer satisfaction before 2015; with continued focus and strategic expansion, we hope we can become a global service provider who have globally competitive before 2020. 


  • the head of person’s ministry has made a response on four hot issues including whether to cancel the second liver check-up.
  • rencaitong accepted the interview from "youth times" and made an analysis to the trade situation.
  • rencaitong accepted the interview from "youth times".
  • standard chartered values chinese market and increases enrolled 850 managers, and send half of them to serve greater china.
  • every 181 persons scramble for 100 jobs, recruits difficulty enlarges in the second-quarter.
  • the former boss of aig took one dollar for the pension and sent a letter to staffs to encourage them to regain confidence.
  • the best employer ranking list of 2009 has emerged and telecoms and financial industry leading it.
  • kai-fu lee left microsoft to join google search. it is said the headhunting company who dug lee earned 130 million dollars.
  • all localities actively promote graduates to obtain employment in skeleton social management and public service station.
  • the average starting salary of a beijing graduate is 2,655yuan. the affect caused by financial crisis has decreased to some extent.
  • lianyungang city of jiangsu province carries out “555 project” and which will put into 20 million yuan introduce talents.
  • forty thousand files have turned into “dead files”, and most of them are belong to university graduate.
  • zhengzhou set undergraduate traffic warden and aroused controversy. they were accused of waste of talent.
  • headhunting companies attract the most attention to these resume keywords: position, accomplishment, previous work enterprises.
  • zte corporation proceed the first phase of equity-based incentives and more than three thousand staffs “cash” it.
  • how to discriminate true or false headhunting accurately? six rules aids you a helping hand.
  • the origin and development of headhunting (stories, origin, development and its situation in china)
  • rencaitong attended the innovation and development forum of industrial textiles.
  • rencaitong attended the science and technology talents weeks of tiantai county.
  • an administrative provision of talent intermediary institutions has published. foreign headhunting can not ask for six types of talents.
service advantage

highly specialized: each industry is established professional division, and equipped with more than ten expert consultants in this industry. each sub-sectors is equipped at least three expert consultants who have at least eight years’ work experience and three years’ head-hunting experience. we set up specialized talent evaluation center and background investigation division to ensure the high quality of talents. 
focus on efficiency: we can provide candidates within five working days, and arrange the interview within ten working days and finish the project within about a month after accepting the commission from customers. 
long guarantee period: we provide the longest guarantee period compare with other head-hunting companies in the industry. our customers can enjoy an one-year’s long guarantee period without any additional condition while can enjoy only three months’ guarantee period from other head-hunting companies.
reasonable charges: compared with other head-hunting companies’ 30 percent (no less than fifty thousand per person) charging standard, ours is more fair and reasonable. but the services we provide are not inferior to any other company at all, even excellent value for money.
widely scattered services: we provide each our customer a personnel management design and present a set of anti-hunting system. we want to achieve our goal that finding talents, making the best use of talents and retaining talents for customers.
great pool of talent: we have already built a level of millions pool of talent system and collected more than one hundred thousand list of leading enterprises’ management and technical personnel in various regions and trades.
spot much range is wide: we have set up branches in beijing shanghai guangzhou hangzhou fuzhou and wuhan and we set up headhunting groups in 72 big and medium cities around the country. we intend to set an office in south america. our information officers and liaison persons can help you almost everywhere.
rich experience: we have hunted about five thousand talents for hundreds of enterprises since 1999, the year we born. for a dozen years we have accumulated rich operation experience. 

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