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  in july 1999,rct established, focused on the specific exploiting and employment of talents. we hope to maximize the function of human resources and to promote corporate governance and competitiveness improvement through the rational flow and distribution of talents. we introduced a large number of most-needed technical talents to more than 39 companies within three years.

  in october 2002, with the expansion of business and the refinement of industry division, rct set up specialized machinery division, chemicals division, electrical division, consumer division and integrated business division to provide more targeted and professional services.

  in december 2003, due to the rapid growth of customers in electronic technology and network software industry, rct set up the information division in order to serve the customers in this industry better. as the same time, we set up a professional background investigation division and talent evaluation center to improve the service program and details.

  in january 2005, with the increasing of customers in real estate industry and the development of this business, rct set up the real estate division, and to strengthen the team building of industry consultants and expand the data of related professionals pool; as the same time, we set up the talents data division as a professional headhunting talent pool construction and management.

  in april 2006, rct cooperated with international headhunting companies and introduced the international operation procedures. we began to follow the service guidelines of aesc, actualizing the full distance headhunting management system based on the concept of crm.

  in may 2006, rct set up beijing office so as to provide the better service to customers in east china. as the same time, we set up the international division (directly under headhunting director) in order to meet the higher demands of business professionals, specializing in the service of international talents’ introduction and multinational services. 

  in march 2007, in order to provide the better service to local customers and search for more excellent talents, rct set up three regional divisions in shanghai, guangzhou, and wuhan successively and many headhunting groups in 72 big or medium-sized cities in china.

  in november 2007, in order to accept commissions from customers, leaders targeted searching and international searching services better, rct set up seo division (directly under headhunting director) and arrange senior counselors and external experts in this division to preside the project operation. 

  in october 2008, rct restructured and improved customer service system based on the original system, and set up a new customer service center which consists of cultural improvement, training, counseling and compensation systems. the new system carry out professional division and system cooperation in order to provide more complete and detailed follow-up services,and achieve our service tenet finally: find talent, use talent, keep talent. 


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