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a strict self-discipline head-hunting company which provides quality services for enterprises and talents sincerely will be accepted by the market!

  situation of talent market:as the rapidly development of the chinese economy, the enterprises’ demand surge for talents and the more frequent circulation of the talents, headhunting companies, other talent agencies and websites are increasing rapidly at the same time. however, the industry is not standard enough. some companies do something harmful to talents and enterprises for short-term profits, and seriously affect the normal development of china's talent market.

  rencaitong initiative:to resist the impact of foreign talent companies after china's accession to wto, rencaitong propose that a far-sighted talent agency should regulate their business actions and accept the general supervision from enterprises and talents consciously. only let talents and enterprises who accept your services get really earn returns can a company get a fine reputation and benefit.

  protect your rights: as an enterprise or person receives services from talent agency can complain to the relevant administrative department (all the departments of human resources and social security) if you think an agency violated your legitimate rights or violated its obligations. the relevant administrative department will investigate and deal with these improper management behaviors. headhunting companies dig talents from other enterprises, of course, has become an acknowledged and legitimate method of excellent companies’ talent introduction. for other corporations, they should pay more attention to themselves’ policy of making good use of and keeping talents, and prevent their talents being dug. 

  our commitment: as a headhunting company observing the principle “honesty and trust’, we solemnly promise protect the interest of both enterprises and talents who accept our services. we collect fees to enterprises in strict accordance with the affirmatory charging standard and provide service to talents for totally free (we can only pay attention to good opportunities for personal development, and can not recommend works to you like employment agencies); we promise to provide the authentic information and no cheating; we promise the positions hunting for talents are existent and the labeled salary can be paid if both the enterprise and talent are satisfied with each other. what’s more, we supervise enterprises to make sure commitments they offer to talents are met. 

  how to complain: you can complain to our responsible persons (email: ) or directly to all the departments of human resources and social security if you find any bad behavior such as collecting fees to individuals, commending grossly delinquent person to enterprises designedly, providing false job description, violating promissory contracts and collecting the standard upfront fee (1/3 of service fee) but can not satisfy customers (customers appreciate our services even if the project is unsuccessful finally). moreover, you can inform us if you find any serious illegal link in our website. we will remove their links.

  we hope talents can understand: a large number of talents want us to provide recommend services or pay attention good opportunities for them because of our good reputation. but we can only provide quality services to talents who have good comprehensive abilities and character, and decree by destiny to rencaitong. because we have limited search consultants and strict definition for qualified talents. it is difficult for us to provide timely and thoughtful services to thousands indeed. opportunity consists of luck and your own efforts. so, creating and seizing the opportunity, writing curriculum vitae which could describe your experiences precisely, letting rencaitong understand and approve you in both material level and reality level are all important. we sincerely hope people who didn’t get service from us can understand us. after all, we are a head-hunting company, not employment agency, and we didn’t and won’t charge any fee to talents.

  we hope enterprises understand: we can not guarantee to provide services to all enterprises because search consultants are limited. we will sift enterprises in accordance with strict standards to ensure that talents we recommend can get fine opportunities to develop. therefore, not every enterprise who wants to get help from us can be satisfied. rencaitong sincerely hope enterprises haven’t received services from us understand that we will never ask any fees as long as we don’t provide services to you yet. in addition, we can not visit your enterprise to introduce our services any time at your request like other head-hunting companies because of the large number of clients. we will investigate your company as you investigate us and to understand the situation and job request, prospect and credit status of your company to estimate whether we have the ability to recommend suitable talents to you. we will visit your esteemed company if we communicate successfully and have great possibility of cooperation. please don't take it for granted that we have a arrogant attitude. because we have the right to choose companies we can manage and make sure the talents we provide can be used best, just like you have the right to choose head-hunting company whose talents can bring the greatest benefits. a humble head-hunting company can not always be an excellent company. most of them probable just using their humble attitude to pander those arrogant enterprises can’t give respect to talents, instead of using normative operations and paying much earlier stage efforts to help enterprises get real suitable excellent talents.  

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