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richard   senior talent through executive search consultant, talent assessment and evaluation director, director of the center, northwestern university, ph.d., adjunct professor at guanghua school of management. specializes in talent assessment, human resource planning, compensation design and corporate human resource management diagnosis and remodeling. who have ibm, general motors, huawei technologies, haier group, and made ​​personnel consulting and guidance, well received; and in 2004, 2005, twice the invitation of the u.s. state of california, as the civil service recruitment evaluation committee. representative of the "human resource management introduction", "origin and development of talent evaluation," "management's mission," and so on.

sasan saadat   talent through executive search, senior consultant, senior u.s. executive search firm heidrick consultant, graduated from north carolina state university, well-known human resource management experts. specializes in corporate human resources development, high-end talent hunting recruits, team cohesion and managers to enhance leadership development and so on. has worked for mcdonald's, alcatel, foxconn, lenovo group, made ​​a management consulting and recruitment guidance, achieved good results. apart from his pen stopped working practices, has written the "world distribution and flow of talent," "ten people employed hunting law", "break the limits of management" and other works.

david   senior talent through executive search consultant, a former division of large job market, deputy director of executive search, talent evaluation, senior evaluation division. have many years of operating experience and extensive executive search practice of human resources network, success stories abound. worked in germany as bosch, shanghai volkswagen, guangzhou p & g, green city, and many other well-known companies to find the ideal people to solve a large number of the company's employment needs. good at the same time to make an accurate evaluation of talent, job matching the related analysis will be happy to pass on their years of experience in people of western human resource management theory and the reality of chinese society, the excellent practice.

lucia  senior talent through executive search consultant, zhejiang university, mba (human resource management), for many years worked at japan's matsushita electric, jiang su hengshun group and other well-known corporate human resources departments. good talent interviews, evaluation and selection, and a wealth of practical experience and extensive network of human resources. 2000 in the executive search industry, good communication between senior personnel and mining, the main service areas for the chemical medicine, machinery manufacturing industry. have met for the chenming paper, xin chemical dozens of companies to find scarce talent needed by the customer consistent recognition and praise.

helen   senior talent through executive search consultants, human resources involved in the industry in 1992, 1997, in search of work. over the years a large number of domestic and international services company, has accumulated rich experience in talent hunting employed. particularly good at targeting poaching, who has a large domestic consumer business from competitors and the introduction of several key personnel, the rapid expansion of market share; number of home business oriented machinery and equipment employed more than hunting executives, greatly enhance the strength of the team improved sales; a manufacturing enterprise in zhejiang, guangdong from the introduction of a chief financial officer and board secretary, contributed to the success of the enterprise market. many times for domestic companies from hong kong, new home slope, canada, australia and the introduction of best international talent.

bruce  senior talent through executive search consultant, started in early 2000, the industry, in a us-owned search for three years after the it professional executive search, talent pass at the end of 2003 and has been employed to join now. its biggest advantage is to have a wide range of electronics and it industry contacts and extremely rich experience, the end of 2007 a ​​multinational it giants ceo of a domestic it companies switched to the event is orchestrated by the project team and lead the whole operation, stir in the industry moment and for the customer has made ​​tremendous economic benefits. over the years many well-known it companies such as the u.s. hewlett-packard electronics, holley group identified a number of key positions and other personnel.

nancy  senior talent through executive search consultant in 2003, entered the executive search industry, has been engaged in real estate marketing plan before work.because of its background in personnel came to pass after the real estate construction professionals specializing in the collection, storage, hunting employed and recommended work has been in guangdong, jiangsu, zhejiang, the number of real estate development enterprises, and design, survey and supervision units , a large number of excellent construction enterprises looking for talent, customer satisfaction has remained at 90%. have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, always to customer needs and satisfaction in mind, critically acclaimed.

philip  senior talent through executive search consultant with eight years management experience in the mechanical hardware industry since 2004 specializing in executive search work. best management positions in operations, a number of years as jiangsu and zhejiang private enterprises to introduce both the concept of good management but also has strong combat capability of managers, led by the extensive management of these enterprises to the meticulous management of change. because of its good management theory and rich practical experience, was hired as our many clients manage consultants; as part of follow-up services, we are often recommended by professionals involved in the training of post-job counseling.

nicole  senior talent through executive search consultant since 2002, in beijing in search of work, joining personnel through 2006. as the female-specific sensitivity and grasp of fashion, its especially good at cutting-edge fashion industry professionals and recommended excavation work. such as jiangsu, shanghai, zhejiang and other places several large apparel companies and textile enterprises in the recommended design talents, through the test of practice, has been highly praised by customers. i am currently responsible for the company uniform apparel, home textiles, jewelry and luxury goods industry professionals to gather, reserves, hunting employed and recommended work, part-time company background head.

paul  senior talent through executive search consultants, executive search industry in 2003, before japan's toshiba corp. has been engaged in management.mainly engaged in the management of human resources for hunting medium-sized enterprises employed work, who zhejiang tianxiang holdings, jiangsu hongdou group, jiangyin haida looking for a large number of other senior management personnel. these personnel for duty after a period of time running, all contributed to the management of their enterprises to upgrade, and working hours not less than three years. because of its good quality and good business management capabilities, currently serves as a management consultant with a number of client companies.

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