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laura  senior talent through executive search consultant, engaged in human resources management, through 2005, into a full-time personnel engaged in executive search work. the main service areas for the chemical, paper and pharmaceutical industries, who has several well-known companies such as dupont, huatai group, huachang chemical identified a large number of outstanding professionals, led us to conclude with these companies long-term strategic cooperation agreement and have maintained good cooperation. in recent years a number of important company as project leader, led the team in its efforts to obtain a good result and get the customer engaged hunting unanimously approved.

alan  senior talent through executive search consultant in 2002, entered the executive search industry, starting from the lowest level of the cc, has been to associate counsel, consultant, senior consultant, partner, step by step, a practice typical of the growth of qualified executive search consultants experience. after years of executive search work, zhou haihua search not only in strict accordance with standard operating procedures work is more valuable --- the creative use of a series of new work methods (such as industry, known by its first and determine the five-dimensional method, eight line pattern mining, etc.), to promote more effective work search and rose to new heights.

alice  talent through executive search senior consultant to join our team in 2006, before the technology has been engaged in the furniture industry and management. because of its industry background, people came to pass after the talent has always been dedicated to the furniture industry, mining, and hunting employed work and success. as dominated by 2008 yongqiang group (the leading outdoor furniture company) vice president of project and production vice president of foreign trade in 2010, ying xing furniture (carson group companies, solid wood furniture industry well-known company) export manager project, the bright spring of 2010 united states (office furniture medium-sized manufacturing enterprises), general manager of projects, and both were greatly successful.

simon  senior talent through executive search consultants, executive search work in 2003, joined the company in early 2007. its services mainly for the industry well-known international companies recruit talent hunt, get a good effectiveness and received unanimous approval of the customer. if jacobs's 2007 introduction of cnc technology from canadian talent, 2008 desiree fogg imported from the united states forging production and technical personnel in 2010 as connaught machinery imported from australia, the professional design personnel and procurement personnel, jie bao for the company in 2011 introduced from taiwan professional management talents.

linda  senior talent through executive search consultant, in a large us-funded enterprises engaged in fmcg recruitment four years of work, in 2007, officially joined the people pass. practitioners has been mainly engaged in fast moving consumer goods industry professionals to gather, reserves, hunting employed and recommended work has been successful for many companies employ dozens of hunting talents and established the company's fmcg industry talent pool and retrieval system, i currently serve as the company's project leader in this field. since 2008, mengniu group, tuopai wine, green, health food, mining and hunting employed a number of managerial, technical and marketing personnel.

roger  talent through high-level executive search consultant, partner, the late twentieth century began in search of work, experience is very rich. familiar territory mainly for the chemical industry, machinery industry and textile and garment industry, especially textile and garment industry, many companies targeted for the mining industry and marketing talent and success. wujiang in jiangsu in 2009 as a weaving enterprise directed from shandong demian, wuxi, a cotton management and technical personnel more than mining, wuxi 2011 directed a large garment group from metersbonwe, semir hunting employed marketing and planning professionals were a success and for customers to create a huge economic benefits.

anna  senior talent through executive search consultant in 2005, entered the executive search industry, until in human resources management. good hunting appliance industry talent recruitment and directional mining, in ningbo since many practitioners companies such as tandem electrical appliances, electrical yingshih, china imported a large number of fresh talents such as motors, by the customers alike. auto parts industry is also its strengths, such as the horse group, desi fogg may apply to the introduction of several other companies wanan talent, so that fast, high quality and stability. because of its strong dedication and excellent work ability, was an exception in 2008 promoted to senior consultant.

robert  talent through executive search consultants, executive search business in 2007. low-key and pragmatic man, studious. they have abundant experience in the electronics industry, are also good at such a talent search to work for several companies such as kodak magnetic, tianpeng electronics, holley and other hunting employed a much-needed talent, was well received. usually willing to learn, not only for customers in a timely manner to solve problems recruiting talent, but also from a professional point of view to help customers with good people and retain people.

howard  talent through executive search consultant, graduated from zhejiang university in 2005, joined 2008 people pass, as the company information industry division one. specializes in modern electronic information industry professionals to gather, reserves, hunting employed and recommended, and now has several well-known enterprises to provide a satisfactory service. especially in dalian in 2011 to dig a well-known it company targeted the eleven technical and sales personnel, to obtain a significant success, the event caused a sensation.

seavy  talent through executive search consultant in the executive search industry after graduation, our consumer division to become a member. independent operation of multiple cases so far, such as the 2008 snow day of the u.s. foreign trade manager, look for the two projects in 2009, searching for the yude chief designer clothing items, look for 2011 as the divine knitting manager and production manager of foreign trade project in 2011 to look for the star ying furniture trade and marketing manager, project manager, are a success.

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