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jessica  talent through executive search consultant, graduated from zhejiang university in 2006, adding personnel through the team in 2007, became a member of machinery division. its biggest feature is the work is meticulous, conscientious and responsible, so i serve as the company's background investigation duties. so far the industry has accumulated a large number of mechanical contacts, number of cases of successful operation. such as the 2008 search for the connaught mechanical, production manager, quality director, purchasing manager, electrical project engineer in 2011 as recommended mold mold greenhouse manager, sales manager of projects.

alex  talent through executive search consultancy, after graduating from college in the chemical industry technical work, after the people through a friend referral to join the team as our chemical division one. passionate about the cause of the search, with a strong sense of service. enterprises has been to identify a number of talented, critically acclaimed. if the radius of the fiber, nylon yongchang, hyosung chemical fiber and other recommended sales, production, technical personnel, so that a fast, high quality, stability, and achieved good results.

jack  talent through executive search consultant, graduated from hangzhou normal university, out of the search industry's deep love and understanding of the meaning of this work, turning back after graduation into this cause, as our real estate division of a building member. mainly for real estate development companies, design institutes, construction units to find talented people, more than a dozen companies so far has employed dozens of successful hunting talents have been recognized by customers. usually good at learning, very responsible.

shirley  talent through executive search consultants, executive search industry in 2007 into early 2009 to join people pass, as my company a member of chemical division. office has been hard work, collect, reserve a large number of chemical industry talent and industry leading business directories, and provides services for several companies, such as the four chuanya of, huachang chemicals, pesticides and other country. look for jobs mainly for production management, project management, equipment management, ehs, r & d and other professionals.

steven  talent through executive search consultant, middle school, late 20th century, after the self-made human resources management through the undergraduate degree. engaged in the business for seven years after the recruitment and training, in 2008, joined the people pass, as the company of an integrated business unit. work is solid, hard-working, diligent work. independent operation of multiple success stories, such as the 2010 bmw 4s shop in jiangsu directed excavation of a service manager, sales manager, project, 2011 jiubai bowl noodles directed excavation of the old operations manager for projects.

betty  talent through executive search consultant in 2005 after graduating from college in four years a large foreign-funded enterprises engaged in human resources management, through 2009, joined the talent to become a member of an integrated business unit. the operation of the success stories are: xinda color printing in 2010 to identify the sales manager, finance manager, human resources project manager in 2011 in jiangsu province postal bureau to identify the agricultural distribution of e-commerce project manager in 2011 for the musicians kitchen identify the production vice president, human resources manager projects.

peter  talent through executive search consultant in 2008, graduated from shanghai jiaotong university, joined the company in 2009 as a mechanical division. the service is targeted mainly for large-scale foreign-funded enterprises, such as bosch, germany, japan, toyota, etc., under the leadership of the project manager has been successfully operating more than one case. passionate, meticulous work, and strive for excellence. part-time background investigators, and the establishment of a mechanical retrieval system industry, foreign talent, not only to facilitate the work, but also improves efficiency.

bradey  talent through executive search consultants, travel long distances after graduation from hainan to shanghai to join my company, first from the most basic cc and talent search to start, after six months of training to become assistant consultant, three years later became executive search consultant in the project managers began to operate independently under the leadership of the project. our electrical division attached to the main collection of talent in the industry, reserves, hunting employed and recommended work best directed lure them away. has been successfully operating multiple projects by customers.

john  talent through executive search consultant, graduated from dalian university of technology in 2007, at a friend's referral in 2008 to join our team, as the information industry department of one. mainly engaged in the electronics industry it professionals to collect, reserves, hunting employed and recommended work, so far successfully recommend candidates 45, customer satisfaction rate of 82%, to recommend candidates turnover rate does not exceed 5%. typical cases such as shanghai ubique.tag (rfid manufacturers) recommended the project director of marketing for engineers sunyard recommended projects.

grace  talent through executive search consultant in 2007, graduated from the university personnel through the team since 2009, as a consumer products division. after several years of accumulation, woven industry contacts, typical cases such as: the introduction in 2010 the red bean group sales manager, fashion designer project in 2011 for the introduction of the hurley yash marketing manager, finance manager project, 2011 was directed to seven wolves mining designer projects. 83% customer satisfaction rate, recommended rate of personnel turnover does not exceed 5%.

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