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spark  talent through executive search consultant in 2008, graduated from anhui university english department, for the work of great interest for search, after a brief internship at the end of 2008, officially joined the people pass, as the company of an integrated business unit. hard work, innovative spirit. many success stories, such as the department of gastroenterology, 2009, zhoushan hospital director, deputy director of ophthalmology project in 2010 days, the floor of the pvc floor vibration technology project director, in 2011 yi luolan print proofing director, production director of projects.

emily  talent through executive search consultant, 2006 , graduated from qingdao university of science in applied chemistry, 2007 joined talents through, as my company a member of chemical division. good at learning, diligent work. customer satisfaction rate has remained at 85% above the recommended personnel turnover rate does not exceed 4% . typical cases such as: 2009 years of chinese oil production subsidiary of the recommended project director, 2011 was recommended for the real alliance ammonia chemical manager, department manager, project management and so on.

charles  talent through executive search consultant in 2007, graduated from south china university of electronic and information engineering, the technical work in the year 2008, joined the people pass, as the company information industry department of one. mainly engaged in electronics and information industry professionals and recommended the excavation work over the years has accumulated vast industry contacts and the talent pool for industry leaders such as hp, go to the market network, vecon electronics provide quality service, customer satisfaction rate of 89% .

cathy  talent through executive search consultant, joined in 2009 after graduating from college through talent, is one of the youngest consultant. currently under mechanical division, the collection of talent in the industry, reserves, hunting employed and recommended the work to date under the leadership of the project manager the successful operation of multiple cases. the independent operation of the case are: 2011, hunting for force xin display products employed welding engineers, project director of the workshop in 2011 as a dry hire through the injection head hunting tools, process engineering projects.

edward  talent through executive search consultant in 2007, joined the company after graduating from college, become a member of chemical division.especially good energy, chemical and polymer materials, personnel excavation. who pune solar energy, such as csg identified a lot of talent, with great success.because of its meticulous work and a strong sense of responsibility, personnel turnover rate recommended no more than 5%, customer satisfaction rate remained above 80%, the timeliness of personnel is also recommended peer among the best.

sarah  talent through executive search consultant in 2004, graduated from zhejiang university of chemical engineering, 2008 giant group engaged in the production of management, after referral by the people to join my company, to become a member of chemical division. due to its specialty and work backgrounds, best technology, chemical industry, production, project, equipment, security and other mining professionals. especially in guangdong in 2010 from a polymer material manufacturer competitor hired away directional technology project manager, helped the client company's product upgrades.

martin  talent through executive search consultant, joined talents through 2008, becoming the company of a mechanical division. start from the cc, after several years of efforts, our company has become the backbone of machinery division. have a strong sense of dedication and service, who has employed a number of people hunting business success. such as a 2009 brake manufacturer in zhejiang, guangdong directed from the introduction of three production and technical personnel in 2010 as part of jiangsu wind power producers a direct tap two technical personnel.

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