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  • job title:purchasing director
    job salary:600,000
    search period:38 days
    work place:jiangmen guangdong
    entrust customer:a large foreign-owned chemical enterprise in guangdong
  • job title:project manager
    job salary:400,000
    search period:35 days
    work place:heyuan guangdong
    entrust customer:a large real estate development company in guangdong
  • job title:operations vice president
    job salary:600,000
    search period:51 days
    work place:shishi fujian
    entrust customer:a large clothing enterprise in fujian
  • job title:personnel manager
    job salary:150,000
    search period:21 days
    work place:jiangmen guangdong
    entrust customer:a private ink production enterprise in guangdong
  • job title:eas project manager
    job salary:200,000
    search period:25 days
    work place:shenzhen guangdong
    entrust customer:a software company in guangdong
  • job title:garment designer
    job salary:150,000
    search period:6 days
    work place:jinjiang fujian
    entrust customer:a men’s clothing enterprise in fujian
  • job title:sales department manager
    job salary:250,000
    search period:29 days
    work place:shunde guangdong
    entrust customer:a coating production enterprise in guangdong
  • job title:chief financial officer
    job salary:300,000
    search period:23 days
    work place:dongguan guangdong
    entrust customer:a private it enterprise in guangdong
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