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find talents make the best use of talents retain talents 

firstly, find talents. this is only a beginning because a talent can bring real benefits only after integrating into the new environment and working for a long time. therefore, we will also help enterprises to make the best use of talents and then help enterprises to retain talents with a series of measures (such as training and coaching, salary system designing, the remodeling and improvement of enterprise culture, establishing talents-retained and anti-hunting system, etc).
to find the most suitable talents in least time
efficiency is one of the most important things to an enterprise in modern society. enterprises must be fast enough to find talents because precious market opportunities will fade away if time past. talents would be worthless at that time. it also could cause heavy economical loss to an enterprise. the most excellent talent would not necessarily be the most suitable one. costing a very high price to employ a most excellent talent is not smart. so we only hunt the most suitable talents to enterprises instead of the most excellent talents. 
to find better talents with lower price
to an enterprise, increasing revenue and reducing expenditure are two necessary ways to increase its economic benefit. we hunt excellent talents to enterprises as a way of increasing revenue while we recommend relatively cheap talents among these excellent candidates to enterprises as a method of reducing expenditure as we have the massive sources of candidates, the precise mastery to industry salary system, scientific and practical testing system.
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