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highly specialized: each industry is established professional division, and equipped with more than ten expert consultants in this industry. each sub-sectors is equipped at least three expert consultants who have at least eight years’ work experience and three years’ head-hunting experience. we set up specialized talent evaluation center and background investigation division to ensure the high quality of talents. 
focus on efficiency: we can provide candidates within five working days, and arrange the interview within ten working days and finish the project within about a month after accepting the commission from customers. 
long guarantee period: we provide the longest guarantee period compare with other head-hunting companies in the industry. our customers can enjoy an one-year’s long guarantee period without any additional condition while can enjoy only three months’ guarantee period from other head-hunting companies.
reasonable charges: compared with other head-hunting companies’ 30 percent (no less than fifty thousand per person) charging standard, ours is more fair and reasonable. but the services we provide are not inferior to any other company at all, even excellent value for money.
widely scattered services: we provide each our customer a personnel management design and present a set of anti-hunting system. we want to achieve our goal that finding talents, making the best use of talents and retaining talents for customers.
great pool of talent: we have already built a level of millions pool of talent system and collected more than one hundred thousand list of leading enterprises’ management and technical personnel in various regions and trades.
spot much range is wide: we have set up branches in beijing shanghai guangzhou hangzhou fuzhou and wuhan and we set up headhunting groups in 72 big and medium cities around the country. we intend to set an office in south america. our information officers and liaison persons can help you almost everywhere.
rich experience: we have hunted about five thousand talents for hundreds of enterprises since 1999, the year we born. for a dozen years we have accumulated rich operation experience. 

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