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  rencaitong headhunting seek to create a harmonious and enterprising, work happy and customer service corporate culture, and to provide staff with clear and comprehensive system and all-around training opportunities. 

  rencaitong formed a diversified career path inside. for example, we developed an integrated, matrix training system which adapt to the staffs’ different features and training activities in different stages of development.  considers every staff’s individual career development needs and try to discover the talented personnel zealously and recommend them actively. 

consultant sequence:



marketing sequence:


management sequence:



stipulation on qualification of company partner:

  university graduates must have over eight years experience on consultant in talent executive. master's graduates must have over five years experience on consultant in talent executive.doctoral graduates must have over five years experience on consultant in talent executive.have at least 30 clients and have 90 percent customer satisfaction rate. in either case you meet the demand above you can be our partner.


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