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after had been working in auto parts industry for over ten years, i entered headhunting industry by a chance eight years ago. this is an emerging industry and known as a mysterious industry. career people with annual incomes of more than eighty thousand may receive phone from headhunting companies more or less and raise this question——how do they know my number? below, i talk about some experience about headhunting and hope more people understand headhunting and rencaitong headhunting who given me chance.
i believe ‘communication six principles’ in my work. let me explain this concept simply: you can know anybody in the world as long as through six people. i thought this just employees incentive training by boss at the first because of my folly. but ‘communication six principles’ is quite true after i had learnt it carefully. so find these ‘six people’ become my precondition to find and come into contact with target man. ‘six’ perhaps is more than a concept of number and it is a methodology. all vehicles of intelligence could be my ‘six’!
firstly, let us talk about telephone. the skill of unfamiliar telephone call is the necessary ability as a headhunter. it is a challenging work to find the target person from an enterprise if you only know its main number. you should be a successful director and actor first if you want to bypass front desk and get into contact with target people directly. you should have the ability that make anyone receive you call to be the character you design while make the conversation to be the dialogue you design and the story ending is that extension number he told you or just the last name of a staff of a certain department. the most important is that the details of a case should be fair and reasonable, and let opposite side to be the ‘six’ and has no excuse to refuse you. 
secondly, let us talk about internet and the press. we can use the word ‘vast ‘to describe the information provided by the network. people at the forefront of times are nearly impossible to be out of touch with internet, and they would leave vestiges more or less in the touch. as a excellent headhunter, you must be good at finding the vestiges they left and make use of them. you should persist in reading everyday, and record the report of advanced character and interview of outstanding talent and use it when needed. i have dug a few talents from the signs of internet and the press during these years headhunting working experiences.
finally, let’s talk about people. using a positive way to communicate with others and acquire the opponents' trust and to be their friend perhaps is the most effective way. we meet target people through help of friends. this is a rapid and effective way and also easier to acquire the opponents' trust. of course, the premise of this way is the unquestionable trust between oneself to the introducer who know his behavior could provide a better chance to the target people. the most needed thing is a spirit of indomitable perseverance because everything should be accumulated. developing the social network constantly and enrich the talent pool is the permanent solution. i thank rencaitong for the chance of exercising my spirit, and giving me a little pride and accomplishment for these years effort.
senior search consultant of rencaitong  zhou xingping
since i worked in headhunting industry, many people including my family and friends have asked me that why i chose this work under pressure as a female. headhunting is not only a manual labor, but also a mental labor. uninterrupted telephone call, evection and extra work are the potluck to a search consultant. moreover, trying every possible way to searching talents, continuous communications with customers and talents, making matches and resolving disputes, facing the changes and nondeterminacy ceaselessly need enough endurance especially. search consultants always bear huge pressure, and they should not only finish the hunting project but also communicate with talents and deal with relations between all parties. 
however, the fun of headhunting carries with the hard work. the excitement when we reach a result, customers’ ratification and respect is the motive power we make progress; after searching for her a thousand times in the crowd, i turned my head around and found that person among the sparse lights, what’s an exciting thing!to say a big impact, helping others to be successful, and make the rational allocation and utilization of human resources to promote the development of economy is a meaningful thing. while rencaitong provides me a good development environment and loose working atmosphere, makes me working with confidence. in fact, i had judged and weighed again before join this business. during my graduate period, my major was business management and human resource direction. so, this industry provides me the chance of practice and gives me the chance to use what i have learned. what’s more, i have a positive personality and i enjoy myself communicating with different persons to fit this job. i believe my choice is right after have been working for several years and also congratulated myself chose rencaitong headhunting which has expressed my potential, reflected my value and given me friendship.
without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing. i thank rencaitong to give me this broad development platform. i will continue my career and cease to hunt and i cease to live. serve customers, serve talents, serve company and serve myself!
                                     search consultant of rencaitong   zhang jie 
 i came to rencaitong headhunting family in july, 2006 and began my three years refrigeration industry headhunting experience up to now. i have met many people and done many things during these three years that make me to pay special attention beyond my work to this industry. perhaps in some sense, i put myself to this industry.
 firstly, let me talk about the reason why i pay so much attention to this industry simply. personage outside may not be familiar with our work. this is a hard work which should bear intense strain and makes us almost to be spies do whatever we have to during hunting. we need time to expand network in an unknown industry while 99.9999 percent hunting projects of customers needs to be finalized eagerly. i had finished few cases during about six months i entered this industry, and i was confused with my work. i had idea of giving up for several times but i insisted finally. the reason was simple: rencaitong never gave up me. i met my first air-conditioner company customer in a very confusing time and i recommend more than ten candidates, who mainly fitted the positions of engineer on product developing and testing within five months. i felt success in my first time in the process of cooperating with them.
the refrigeration industry was still at the starting stage, but i had confidence because of the great start. our company also hopes us to develop more customers and build a wider human network and reserve of talents, and has been prepared and invested in all respects. i accumulated customers and got their trust gradually in refrigeration industry with the support of company and the power of team work. i can still continue to work although i have met many frustrates because the feel rencaitong headhunting have given me is fulfilling and enjoyable during more than three years work experience. when we have solved recruitment difficulties for customers and the talents we recommended acquire achievements steadily, i deeply appreciate the significance of headhunting. this is more important. 
                                        search consultant of rencaitong  tong zhidong
working in the headhunting industry for almost 4 years, i have my own experience. primarily, we should know that why do these companies entrust the headhunter company to seek for talents?
generally speaking,it is hard to find scarce talented person for employers by means of recruiting in the personnel market ,kinds of job fair, newspaper advertisement or online recruitment.
what our clients really need are those people who are well-paid, have relatively stable job, and are held in particularly high regard of their boss .hence, seldom will they find job in the liquid talent markets, nor will they pay close attention to the newspaper advertisement or the online recruitment. even if they got the idea of changing job, it will be natural for them to get through by head-hunting companies. however, most of the companies hr department has seldom staff ,and they are usually busy .their limited resource can not compare with the professional head-hunting company with the comprehensive inquiry web and channel , meanwhile they are short of the interrelated support system and the ability to accurately grasp the evaluation. therefore, they give us this task with great hope.
despite the normal inquiry skills, obviously the most important hunting skill is directional poaching, it is extremely important for those senior personnel who are strength of talent. because they seldom resume actively, at this moment the headhunter's role also appeared. headhunters will precise orientation and poaching according to the requirements of clients: academic, professional, work experience, work performance, age, native place. of course it is not easy, we are often rejected by the targeted company’s reception and the talent himself. at this time we should expand the search scope and unremittingly. when get the information of the talent, in the spirit of being responsible for the enterprise and headhunting company reputation. it is the key part to do background survey and quality survey. as the headhunter consultants, we should not only know the trendy of career development and be familiar with the particular careers but also have abundant working experience and excellent communication skills. particular to   persistence and refuse to be submit.
for years, i hold the claim that rencaitong is with a strong sense of mission, and we do things according to the above requirements. we are serious and responsible to our customers, also diligent. we live up to customer expectations throughout. hunting for head is a testing career, it can enable people to grow up; also a tough one. passion is needed to do this job. i identify the enterprise spirit: endless words, the trials of a long journey, by all means, extreme hardship.
i will be together with rencaitong to promote myself constantly and serve the customer better.
search consultant of rencaitong cai yunze
i turned to headhunting industry as a human resource manager of a famous enterprise nine years ago. when i look at my career calmly, i find it delightedly that my headhunting experience has given me very big promotion and made me knowledgeable. rencaitong headhunting is an excellent which gathered a large number of consultants of wise, diligent, positive and seasoned and i benefited a lot among them. human resource manager and full-time search consultant are belonging to the same large trade, but there are still many differences and distinction in contents and ways of work. i met many setbacks when i first joined this field, and fortunately, the on-limits corporate culture and learning organization working atmosphere of rencaitong headhunting helped me to finish my role exchange and let me realize the value and joy of headhunting gradually. to solve enterprises’ problem and help talents to find suitable jobs, and make contribution to the development of enterprises. of course, i can attain myself the time i attain others. 
 the company is developing while i am growing up. to a search consultant, personal value only can be promoted with the accumulation and success of project experience. you can develop good professional ethics and work habits what benefit me all life long in rencaitong; i can learn operating skills of headhunting practice and develop the ability of communication; what’s more, if you have certain work ethics and abilities, you income will be appreciable. of course, this is a job with big pressure and if you have no good mentality, strong will, ability of cooperation and communication and knowing customers' requirements, please don't choose headhunting, and even don't choose rencaitong.
with the rapid development of china, the market of china is changing everyday. behindhand enterprises would be eliminated any time any where. we reach out to the world with china, expressing chinese culture to world and hoping to show our light on the stage of the world. rencaitong has a excellent enterprise culture and a group of kind, studious, agreeable, responsible and energetic staffs. headhunting is a work can reap friends. members of project group have cooperated each other and overcame all kinds of difficulties, experienced all kinds of trials. they learn each other in order to advance together, and make great efforts continually for the common destination. what's more, our customers often call us or send e-mail to us to counsel professional knowledge or discuss related affairs. we dare not neglect this trust at all. and our mutual greeting and benediction make me moving to a higher degree. headhunting is a career makes us responsible.
                                senior search consultant of rencaitong  wang chuntao
to be a headhunter, you need to possess the sense of responsibility, curiosity, learning capacity, ability of communicating, tenacity, passion, judgment, innovation ability and resilience. the core is the sense of responsibility. we are responsible for not only customers but also candidates. thus, you will have more and more resources. i have been encouraged myself on this account to overcome the human weakness as an old employee of rencaitong.
when the misunderstand and divergence arisen, we would think about our common destination and think questions in other's position. these make us feel relieved. we can do nothing without team cooperation in modern society and team cooperation needs continuous communication and fusion. rencaitong headhunting has provided us this terrace and chance to strengthen our coagulative power and comat effectiveness. if you want to join us, pay attention to the advice from my own experience below:
1, if you think yourself have talent but no opportunity to use it, come here and you can express and show your talent at 120 percent.
2, if you feel meaningless of your present job and your time is wasted, come here. here is an meaningful job to need our joint efforts. 
3, if you have been sick of the boring and changeless life, come here. you will never have enough time and you will full of self-confidence to expect a better future.
4, if you disgust treacherous office politics, come here. this is a place cherish talents by offering equal opportunities and you would not waste your life in farfetched things. 
5, if you want to earn big money breezily, do not come here. it is not easier than any other industries to get money here. 
6, if you want live a colourful life, please don't come here. the life of consultant is boring and you should devote every effort to the projects. the only thing we do apart from work is sleep. this is familiar with the life of college entrance examination. 
7, if you prefer to working independently, and don't know much about teamwork, please don't come here. rencaitong never advocate heroics.
8, if you dislike the process of overcoming difficulties, please don't come here. we need people who have strong will and quality of never give up.
                                senior search consultant of rencaitong zhou wenhong


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