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headhunting consultants
recruiting numbers:fifteen
places of work:guangzhou,shenzhen,hangzhou, beijing,shanghai, wuhan,xiamen,ningbo,nanjing,suzhou,qingdao,chengdu 
1, be responsible for the design of the headhunting-programs、 job descriptions, work instructions, salary planning and remodeling and job performance evaluation planning ;
2、organize the assessment of headhunting projects and be responsible for organizing the management to state the consulting report of the head hunting projects 
3, organize the business development and customer follow-up projects, make the detailed analysis of the headhunting positions and decompose the source of performance management;
4, explore the right people with outstanding talent through a variety of platforms and channels and to go on continuous tracking, observation and recommendations;
5 to organize of the recommended people to have an interview and re-examination (including skills analysis, synthesis evaluation, career planning and counseling orientation, etc.);
6 cooperate with the customer service center and train and track the recommended people to make sure that the hunted people join in the team as soon as possible and make the maximum performance; 
7, accept the company's headhunting operations project management, marketing, human resources management, industry knowledge and other aspects related to professional training in regular and irregular
for requirements:
1, bachelor degree or above, major in human resources, business management class or with specific industry related professionals, proficiency in english is preferred;
2, engaged in certain industries (such as mechanical, chemical, electrical appliances, it, real estate, etc.) or human resources management and work 10 years or above, familiar with human resources each module and specific practical operation;
3, have different areas of comprehensive knowledge,including financial management, marketing, production and so on.have rich experiencee and be good at learning;
4, age at 33-48 years old, have good professional ethics and personal qualities, teamwork and communication skills, able to adapt to the occasional business trip;
5, hard-working, strong-willed, able to withstand the enormous pressure of work, a strong sense of customer service;
6, famous consulting institutions or international headhunting company working experience is preferred.
interested parties please send detailed personal resume to:  
industry consultants
recruiting numbers:twelve
places of work:beijing,shenzhen,tianjin,hangzhou,shanghai,guangzhou,fuzhou,wuhan
1, as the company's industry knowledge and skills of providers and communicators,be responsible for the relevant industry survey research and issue the analysis report, participate in relevant industry talents to guide the interview survey and evaluation selection;
2,be responsible for in-depth industry market analysis and middle-term and long-term forecasts (including the macro environment, industry status, competitors, and the company itself, etc), to guide industry team to make effective market strategy and measures;
3 take good use of all sorts of ways and channels to collect the industry professionals develop and maintain the relevant interpersonal network, set up and update industry talent pool;
4take good use of the years of industry work experience and the accumulation of interpersonal channels, to provide information to support of discovering the industry elite talents 
5, combined with industry characteristics and the practical situation,promote the implementation of optimization recommendations on  the construction of business management platform (including talent database, background investigation and evaluation system, project management and process system, work instructions, etc) to facilitate better customer service 
6, give the comprehensive system industry knowledge training on the related headhunting team to help the team members master industry professional knowledge, improve skills, to develop a combat effectiveness of the professional team.
for requirements:
1, bachelor degree or above, and specific industry related professionals, have certain foundation in english and proficient computer operation skills;
2, in certain industries (such as mechanical, chemical, electrical, it, real estate, etc.) work more than 10 years, both a solid theoretical foundation and rich experience;
3, in a particular industry with a wide range of human resources network, communication skills, able to maintain a good development of interpersonal relationships and access to relevant personnel information;
4, be able to take effective use of the methodology, to ensure the rationality and accuracy of the evaluation, with good statistical analysis ability and good language skills;
5, age at 40-55 years old, healthy body, optimistic, strong ability of choosing people, have a certain human resources and enterprise management knowledge;
6, rich teamwork spirit and strong customer service consciousness, work experience of industry associations, international consulting companies and leading enterprises is preferred.
interested parties please send detailed personal resume to:  
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