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q:how many years rct has been set up?
a:rct was found in july, 1997 and has been for more than ten years.
q:what is the rct’s service area?
a:nationwide (including hong kong, macao & taiwan), and some areas of america's borders and europe.
q:what is the scope of your business?
a:we do only the headhunting and its derivative services, and committed to being a world-class professional headhunting company.
q:where are the talents dug by rct headhunting from?
a:worldwide. of course, mainly are local talents. we can also introduce international professional talents through the cooperation with abroad headhunting companies and the north america office we will set up.
q:how many branches does rct headhunting have?
a:we has set up branch offices in beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, hangzhou, fuzhou and wuhan, and we has set headhunting groups in 72 big and medium cities of china while we will soon set up an office in north america.
q:what is the industry rank of rct headhunting?
a:there is no authoritative ranking in headhunting industry, and many companies are just blowing their own trumpet. but on the speciality and service level, we are surely in the top one or two of this industry.
q:what’s the charging standard of rct headhunting?
a:service charge of general headhunting is 25 percent of annual income in hunting employed talents’ first year (at least 30,000yuan per people). other charging standards of headhunting see
q:the charging and serving processes of rct headhunting.
a:we sign the agreement with our customers and collect prior service charges, and we provide candidates within 5 working days and arrange interview within 10 working days while keep the warranty period for 1 year; as the responsible attitude for the customer's, we do our service about senior management talents for a slightly longer time.
q:what is warranty period?
a:we will provide another suitable talent to our customers for totally free if a talent resigns or fired within certain period.
q:how long is the warranty period of rct headhunting?
a:the warranty period for general headhunting is one year while the warranty period of other headhunting services should base on its situation.
q:does rct headhunting charge any fees from talents?
a:we just change fees from our customers, and totally free to talents.
q:how to contact you as a company?
a:you can call our corresponding customer managers according your registration place, or simply call the unified hotline of 400. you can also click online consultation or accept our invitation to communicate online, and you can fill in customer orders with details (be sure to fill in the correct contact number and mobile phone). we will send a people to contact you at your specify the time.
q:how to contact you as a talent?
a:please register your resume online and please don’t call us before receive our invitation. resume you provided will be kept in strict confidence, and we will send special people to serve you.
q:has rct serve any famous customers?
a:toyota, hewlett-packard, dupont, siemens, panasonic, bosch, china petroleum, china post, foxconn, haier, vanke, mengniu, holley, and many other world's top 500 companies and 500 enterprises in china are our customers, and we have developed a strong and working relationship.
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