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  unlike consultants in other headhunting companies, consultants in rencaitong headhunting are more professional. they are familiar with textile industry operation as well as headhunting operation. this is much greater than we expected. because of their professional operational capacity and devotional work, we feel reassuring on the cooperation with rencaitong. and rencaitong has helped us much these years.

chairman of suzhou kim lee weave yongmin shi

  i have long heard rencaitong headhunting and some of my friend also have well partnerships with your company. so, i have some acquaintance with rencaitong and have confidence of your services. our new project carried out successfully with your efforts.

chairman of guangdong feihai machinery guoxi chen

  we began to cooperate with rencaitong in 2002 when our annual turnover was only tens of millions yuan and had great gaps with other three white paperboard manufacturing enterprises. we determined the directed dig model with rencaitong headhunting, and hunted technology and sales personnel purposefully from three lead enterprises in the industry. rencaitong did this project successfully, and talents they introduced became backbone strength of our company. our enterprise has developed rapidly these years. looking back at our big strides development during only few years and the achievement of today’s top star enterprise in the industry, we should thank rencaitong and its all employees.

chairman of a leading enterprise of paper industry

  we cooperated with rencaitong who has a big contribution to our companies’ operation successfully by a chance luckily. they had provided many excellent talents the moment we needed talents most and laid down a solid foundation for our companies’ starting and operation successfully. cooperating with rencaitong headhunting is one of the most successful decisions we have made.

general manager of yuyao tianteng plastic jiangding lou

  loyalty affairs and live the trust. rencaitong headhunting is a model of chinese headhunting industry and a reliable cooperative long-term partner.

vice-president of mengniu group wen zhang

  we appreciate rencaitong headhunting very much. we have found our talents one by one and brought good results through our effective cooperation. we hope that you will keep moving ahead and continue to transport new blood and excellent talents to our company.

jiangsu huachang group zeming sun

  rencaitong headhunting is a great company which introduces talents rapidly, and has a succinct understanding of positions and responsible work attitude, and thinking from the customer's point of view.

chairman of ningbo harui silica gel quanfa su

  rencaitong headhunting have brought us not only a large number of talents but also a whole set of advanced, normative and pragmatic human resource management idea and operable operational approach, and selfless work ethic and distinct sense of responsibility during past year’s cooperation.

chairman of guangdong keshun chemical weizhong chen

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