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  hello,everyone in rencaitong headhunting. our damage because of the nuclear talent drain cut down to the minimum level with your efforts. we have to admire your working efficiency and respect-work spirit. besides, your one year’s warranty period and well-developed after-sale services reassure us, and we believe we will have a further cooperation.

a leading enterprise of jiangsu daily cosmetics industry zhijun zhang

  we have developed a fledged human resource system during almost three year’s cooperation. rencaitong impressed us with its working efficiency and work ethic. you looked for excellent talents and helped us make a good use of talents and retain talents in a higher level. you are the headhunting company china needs.

chairman of hangzhou hengli municipal affairs weifeng lu

  the talents provided by rencaitong have worked seven months, and we recognize their present work performance and moral character. this proves your work of background investigation and talent assessments are solid and excellent, and your choice and localization to talents are also relatively accurate.

chairman of ninghai dapeng mould yushen hu

  we met rencaitong headhunting the moment we needs talents badly. rencaitong convinced us with its professional ability and working efficiency. we had a successful cooperation, and talents rencaitong provided went to position timely. the talents have a high quality and good stability.

chairman of yiwu lvkang biology zhangxiang zheng

  in the year 2006, we had chosen headhunting companies to help us to recruit important talents, the effect is not very ideal. in the year 2009, we cooperated with rencaitong headhunting through the introduction of my friends because we needed management talents badly. comfortingly, rencaitong had let us understand headhunting industry newly with their professional operation procedure of projects and recruited three key talents we needed.

huali group xiaorong huang

  two foreign business managers you recommended has made good benefits for our company and completed the task over. we appreciate rencaitong headhunting sincerely.

human resource director of haining xingying furniture dejun li

  we recruited a vice president production modestly through rencaitong three years ago, and we think this vice president who gets on well with our staffs has an excellent personal ability and right working attitude after our examination. we have establish a long-term cooperative relationship with rencaitong now.

jiangsu fangyuan chemical fiber jianying yu

  rencaitong had convinced us with their specialized knowledge and solid work. from previous communication and supply of candidates, to the interview and assessments of talents, to the final going post of talents and follow-up services, rencaitong did these well even beyond the service standards they promised. in my opinion, rencaitong is a standard headhunting company who provides a high price-performance ratio.

human resource manage of jiangsu hongdou group hui yang

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