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  my friend recommended your company to me when i met shortage of talents because of enterprises’ business expansion. however, i attach great importance to the employment as the decision maker of an enterprise. your company had made us realize your enterprise strength in dealing you’re your company. in an emergency situation that our company had started operating while whose top decision maker hadn’t got its place in time, rencaitong headhunting solve our pressing problem with your efficiency and strength. what’s more, the talents you recommended are high-quality. very glad that we can cooperate with you!

chairman of fujian kaida shoes tekai zhang

  it's really incredible that a headhunting company can has such scale and brand influence like rencaitong. it has been seven years since we began to cooperate with rencaitong in the year 2003. we have realized rencaitong’s service concept and works style, and also have witnessed their rapid growth during these years. dedicated services to customers, responsible attitude, surefooted working styles and their tenacity are the source motive force to facilitate rencaitong to be the benchmarking enterprise of headhunting industry.

chairman of guangdong emerson electronics huangying wang

  this is the most professional and responsible headhunting company we have touched for more than ten years.

vice-president of haier group jingguo du

  our staffs of human resource division should learn search consultants of rencaitong of their work attitude, thinking modes, service consciousness and working efficiency.

huatai group jianming sun

  we got satisfying results the first time we cooperate with rencaitong headhunting to search senior talents. in the cooperation, we found that rencaitong headhunting company had a relatively accurate grasp to enterprises’ needs and meticulous operation procedure. consultants of rencaitong are enthusiastic, meticulous and responsible. rencaitong headhunting company is a perfect and professional headhunting company.

human resource director of zomax group qiang feng

  we have been cooperating for three years, and our five times closer cooperation are quite unforgettable. every relationship makes a contribution to the faster and better development of our company. especially in the marketing management and senior management recruitment, rencaitong headhunting is expert indeed.

chairman of guangdong ox's strength machinery yonglun zhou

  your company have provided and recommended talents of different levels, and here we appreciate your high service quality. especially in the services of work efficiency, staff selection rang and the after-sale service, you did really well. we hope we can deepen the relationship, and we really hope that you can provide us more excellent talents in the future.

jiangsu shilian chemical of taibo group jiangjun yan

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